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BD Rugby News 4/29

Posted by Your Coach on Monday, April 29, 2013,
Tuesday: Picture day and Practice 3:30-6:00
Wednesday: 6:00 kickoff JV versus Warsaw at McMillen Park
Thursday: practice 3:30-6:00
Saturday: Home games against North Central at 11am (Varsity) and 12pm(JV)

Saturday sure was a tough loss, and I told the boys that this loss would stay with us for a while, it stings to lose when you know what you capable of and you fall short. We only experience disappointing feelings when the boys fail to live up to their potential. This group more than any...

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BD Rugby News Carmel and North Central week

Posted by Your Coach on Monday, April 15, 2013,
Tuesday:Practice from 3:30-6:00
Wednesday: Home games at McMillen
Thursday: Practice from 3:30-6:00
Friday: Away games at North Central

Wednesday: Kickoff against Carmel Varsity at 5:30 and JV at 6:30 at McMillen Park. 

Friday: Away games at North Central High School Varsity at 6:00 and JV at 7:00

1801 E 86th ST
Indianapolis, IN  46240
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Southeast Corner of Campus, Due east of Football and Baseball stadiums.  Look for rugby signs

The boys played with a lot of...

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Schedule Update

Posted by Your Coach on Thursday, April 11, 2013,
The bus for this Saturday will leave from Bishop Dwenger at 8am

Next Saturdays game has been moved form Saturday 4/20 to Friday 4/19
Dwenger v. North Central
Varsity 6:30
Junior Varsity 7:30

Thanks to the Mum Scrum for coming together last night and getting the cold, wet, and muddy ruggers fed. There is nothing I love more that coaching on the far sidelines and knowing that everything is under control with the food and the crowd. Let's all pray for good weather the rest of the season.

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Week of April 7

Posted by Your Coach on Sunday, April 7, 2013,
We hope you all had a relaxing break, this week is full of rugby so we hope everyone is ready to go. 

Tuesday: Practice 3:30-6:00
Wednesday: Home games At McMillen
Thursday: Practice 3:30-6:00
Saturday: Away games in Fishers, IN 

Wednesday: McMillen Park 2600 Oxford St., Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Varsity at 5:30 against Marian and JV at 6:30 against Homestead
Transportation is not provided for home games, if your son needs a ride he needs to coordinate with a teammate. 

Saturday:  12383 Cyntheanne...

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"In spite of having very sore feet and tight hamstrings, I have a warm glow about the game of rugby today. 

I have just finished two days of refereeing at the UK National Schools Sevens in London.

Normally I only get to referee my own team, which, like most coaches, I hate. But the event has been running for 71 years and is the world's largest rugby tournament. So instead I felt honoured to be asked. 

It's certainly a feast of sevens action, involving more than 600 teams, overseen by some 180 volunteer officials and helpers - including this year, yours truly. 

I had a wonderful time. The standard of rugby was excellent, with some close games and no lack of endeavour. 

In these days of cynical play and aggressive touchline comments, I can safely say I witnessed none of it. 

The sidelines were universally well behaved and players were responsive to the referee's decisions. 

For me, only one player questioned a decision and he quickly apologised. I had one coach, very politely, ask me about a decision of mine which went against his team. 

On reflection, his view was correct, and if I had not been told, then I might have let it go in later games. 

At one stage, a 13 year old took a drop kick for a conversion from near the touchline. It dipped as it reached the crossbar so I wasn't sure if it had gone over. 

As I considered my decision, he turned to me to say it was short. 

All these factors prove to me that tournaments can be hard fought and yet well behaved. 

Yes, players and coaches are disappointed by losing or not going through. But I heard plenty of coaches saying as the day wore on: "Well done guys, much better than the start of the day". 

Quite simply, after a tough few weeks coaching at the semi-pro level, refereeing those boys and girls at the Schools Sevens was the perfect reminder of why I love rugby." 

written by, Dan Cottrell
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