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Weekly Update 9/10

Posted by Your Coach on Tuesday, September 11, 2012,
We have had a few changes come up with the schedule. We are now playing in Noblesville on Sat at 12:00pm (18111 Cumberland Rd Noblesville, IN 46060)

We will leave from the Dwenger parking lot at 9:00am on Saturday. We will carpool, I am still trying to get a mini bus, I will let you know. Reply to this e-mail if you can drive. 

Please be sure boys have the correct moutpieces and equipment for the weekend. We are limited on supplies since it's the fall. 

Practice this week will be Wed and Thurs f...

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Weekly Update- 9/3

Posted by Your Coach on Monday, September 3, 2012,
Practice will be on Wed this week from 3:30-5:30.

Boys will come home with some papers that need to be signed by players and parents and they will be due at practice the next week. 

Please be sure, boys have their physicals turned in and are coming to practice with proper protective gear. (Mouthpieces, headgear, shorts, jersey, shock tops)

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"In spite of having very sore feet and tight hamstrings, I have a warm glow about the game of rugby today. 

I have just finished two days of refereeing at the UK National Schools Sevens in London.

Normally I only get to referee my own team, which, like most coaches, I hate. But the event has been running for 71 years and is the world's largest rugby tournament. So instead I felt honoured to be asked. 

It's certainly a feast of sevens action, involving more than 600 teams, overseen by some 180 volunteer officials and helpers - including this year, yours truly. 

I had a wonderful time. The standard of rugby was excellent, with some close games and no lack of endeavour. 

In these days of cynical play and aggressive touchline comments, I can safely say I witnessed none of it. 

The sidelines were universally well behaved and players were responsive to the referee's decisions. 

For me, only one player questioned a decision and he quickly apologised. I had one coach, very politely, ask me about a decision of mine which went against his team. 

On reflection, his view was correct, and if I had not been told, then I might have let it go in later games. 

At one stage, a 13 year old took a drop kick for a conversion from near the touchline. It dipped as it reached the crossbar so I wasn't sure if it had gone over. 

As I considered my decision, he turned to me to say it was short. 

All these factors prove to me that tournaments can be hard fought and yet well behaved. 

Yes, players and coaches are disappointed by losing or not going through. But I heard plenty of coaches saying as the day wore on: "Well done guys, much better than the start of the day". 

Quite simply, after a tough few weeks coaching at the semi-pro level, refereeing those boys and girls at the Schools Sevens was the perfect reminder of why I love rugby." 

written by, Dan Cottrell
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